Ladders Reform ladders KET3


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Reform ladder KET3 2x8 rungs.


Reform ladders with splayed base, 3 sections

Professional use

Occasional use

Product benefits

3 positions of use
> as leaning ladder,
> as stepladder,
> in a staircase.
The upper section of the 3 sections can be taken off to be used as a single ladder (except 3x11 & 3x12).


Its design with flared base absorbs the uneveness of the ground and helps to avoid obstacles.
Non-slip socks, anti-skid.

The ball level helps the user 
place the ladder at the correct inclination.
Wide non-slip rungs, riffled on 4 sides.
Hinges in reinforced steel which make the level compensation possible and provide more durability.
Steel strengthening pieces placed in the flared base’s rungs.
Safety hooks in cast aluminium with locking device.