Ladders Telescopic Ladders TT4


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TT4 telescopic ladder 4x4 rungs freestanding position TT4 telescopic ladder 4x4 rungs lean-to-ladder position TT4 height adjustable rung by rung TT4 telescopic ladder ultra compact


Telescopic ladders 4x4 rungs

Professional use

Heavy duty 

Product benefits

  • - Multipurpose with adjustable height (lean-to-ladder, staircase, freestanding position)
  • - Height adjustable rung by rung by pulling the side handles.

  • - Ultra safe and automatic locking in the different positions.
  • - Unlocking by mere pressure.
  • - Ultra compact for easy transport and storage.H.1,24 m. X.0,60 m. X .0,22 m.


  • - Anodised aluminium to keep hands clean
  • - Maximum access height : 3.85 m as lean-to-ladder
  • - Non-slip rungs
  • - Splayed legs. 0,58 m wide which offer optimal stability.
  • - Maximum load capacity 150 kg.



412.00€ HT

245.00€ HT