Ladders Rope operated extension ladders KC2


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Rope operated extension ladder KC2 2x16 rungs. Easy extension thanks to 2 armed locking system. Profiles equipped with integrated sliding grooves. Describing picture rope operated extension ladder KC2 2 sections.


Rope operated extension ladders 2 sections

Professional use 

Occasional use

Product benefits

Easy extension
The sliding guides are integrated to both ladder’s sections to for an effortless extension.
The 2 castors ease the extension and keep facades undamaged.
The rung locking device opens by pulling the rope and automatically locks by gravity.


The ball level helps the user place the ladder at the correct inclination.
Equipped with an aluminium stabiliser bar providing more stability.
Its stabiliser bar is equipped with new bi-material anti-slip feet, anti-skid.
Wide non-slip rungs ribbed on 4 sides.
Rope placed in the middle adapted to the right-handed as well as the left-handed users.  
Two armed steel locking device equipped with rubber end caps.
Castors Ø 80 mm for easy extension.
Pulley Ø 30 mm.