Aluminium ladders with safety cage Aluminium ladders with safety cage


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Assembly with landing platform for offset ladders Assembly with rope operated ladder Aluminium ladders with safety cage  toal hight access


Fixed access ladders, or caged ladders, are permanent ladders intended to secure access to the outside or inside of a structure (roofs, tanks, silos) or to machinery.
Made with standard components, they are adapted for buildings and installations of all heightd.

Their design is based on ease of installation, maintenance and strict compliance with current standards, making these ladders high-performance solutions.

Product benefits

  • Aluminium alloy structure offering an excellent strenght to weight ratio and anti-corrosion guarantee.
  • Easy assembly
  • Quick and easy installation : few components and fastenings, and requiring no specific skills.


  • Centaure caged ladders comply with two distinct standards according to the intended use
  • French standard NF E 85-016 : access to buildings
  • sur les bâtiments et Norme NF EN ISO 14122-4