Innovation, quality and sustainable development


Innovation is the essence of Centaure, as its history has been rich in major inventions.

Today, Centaure, as part of CDH Group, has placed this at the center of its strategy and as a means to its development.

The result for this dynamic is the constant launch of products that set Centaure as the specialist for access at height equipment.
The R&D department which has filed over 110 patents and models over the last 5 years, makes sure that each new creation offers more functionality, ergonomics and security for the end user.

                                                                                   MP Stepplader


Quality has always been a major priority for Centaure, a responsible manufacturer. Every department of the company focuses everyday to provide products and services that guarantee clients and users, in their relation with the brand, complete serenity and total satisfaction.


Centaure's commitment to quality is made concrete in 2003 when the company obtained its ISO 9001 certification. This norm, used by more than one million firms in over 150 countries, is the international reference for organizational requirements for setting up a quality management system.

This demanding procedure involves all the departments of the company, from receiving raw materials to marketing. It entails daily inspections as far as raw materials, manufacturing and stocks are concerned.

Sustainable development

Our vision

Centaure is strongly future-oriented and environment has been a major priority for a long time now. Between the design and retail phases of its products, the company strives each day to reduce its environmental footprint thanks to several measures and actions.

Aluminium, a green material

Centaure transforms aluminum, a material that can be indefinitely recycled.
A major component in ladders, stepladders and scaffoldings created by the company, aluminum offers the advantage of allowing multiple recycling cycles without losing its core quality.
Furthermore, recycling aluminum requires five time less energy than steel.

  ambiance aluminium Centaure


All our production sites follow an environment protection policy which aims at reducing power and water consumption as well as polluting emissions.
At each step in its life-cycle, the product has to have the lowest environmental impact possible.
Here are some of the measures we use: insulation of workshops, installation of localized radiant heating above work areas, renovation of the water pipe network. We also strive to lighten our packing in order to limit "post consumption" wastes, but still provide efficient protection to our products.

Waste management

We have achieved huge progress to reduce production wastes.
Adopting new practices (waste sorting, reducing raw material rejects...), day-to-day collaboration with suppliers and service providers allow to reduce our waste volume, all the while keeping sale volumes up.