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Product use

How to deploy a 2/3 section rope-operated extension ladder?

1 –For 2 section rope-operated ladders:
The fly section must be retracted and the blocking mechanism engaged under a rung of the fly section. Next, you must tilt the ladder and pull the rope to free the fly section with the blocking mechanism. Deploy to the desired height without letting go of the rope. If you let go of the rope, the security system or blocking mechanism will prevent the fly section from falling down. Then, engage the blocking mechanism under a rung of the fly section with the rope, simply by pulling it next to the base section.

2 –For 3 section rope-operated ladder:
Step 1: Activate the blocking mechanism on the fly section in order to deploy the middle plan and to free its blocking mechanism. The blocking mechanism of the middle section must be completely higher than the fly section. The middle section's blocking mechanism, after step 1, must be engaged on a rung above the fly section to allow for the deployment of the lower section.
Step 2: Activate the middle section's blocking mechanism to allow for the deployment of the lower section.

What is the proper tilt for my ladder?

The tilt of your ladder is vital to ensure the resistance and a perfect stability. If your tilt is too narrow, the ladder will slide too much vertically and will risk to fall backwards. Proper tilt: between 65° and 75°.

What measures should I take to use my ladder properly?

- Make sure your ladder is set against and on stable and strong enough surfaces, with proper measurements.
- Make sure the hooks' bolts and hinges are properly engaged.
- Always leave at least 3 rungs in front of you that will serve as a railing.
- Respect the 150kg maximum load. - Carrying loads must remain rare and limited to light loads. It must not prevent a sure grip.

How to set the sections of my convertible ladder?

Used as a safe ladder, the fly section is the flared plate. Used in auto-stable position and on slopes, the fly section is the narrowest.

In your catalogues, you say it is possible to balance out on convertible ladders. How do you proceed?

Take the section that gets deployed and set this section in the hinge's hooks to balance out.
In any case, you must pay particular attention to the following measures:
- Always set the proper tilt angle for the ladder (between 65° and 75°).
- Properly engage the rungs in the hinge's hooks.
- Always set the ladder on plane, secure and stable surfaces.
- Do not exceed the maximum 150kg load.
- Never bend outside the ladder.
- Check the product meets the task you must do.

In which cases must I use a ladder with a safety cage?

Ladders with safety cages are permanent installation destined to secure the outside or inside access to buildings (roofs, tanks, silos) or machines.

Product maintenance and checking

How do I maintain my aluminum products?

Avoid corrosive products on any kind of aluminum (natural, powder coated or anodized). Use a dry or slightly wet fabric to avoid damaging hinges.

Where can I find assembly guides for my scaffoldings and individual platforms on wheels?

You can download assembly manuals for free from your product's data sheet. Note that any professional must imperatively have the manufacturer's assembly manual with him on his work site.

How do I check the security level of my equipment?

Decree, norms and standards are indicated on a label stuck directly on the product and/or the certificate of conformity delivered by Centaure.

According to decree 2004-924 I must check my equipment, but how do I proceed?

Indeed, a ministerial order outlines that the chairman of a company or a person with the necessary skills appointed by him must periodically check his equipment. Centaure provides you with checklists that mention control points. You can download them from the product's data sheet in the "documents" section. Should you notice any fault, do not try to fix it yourself, please contact your distributor.

Product security

I don't understand the difference between French industry standards labels "norme NF" and "Label NF"?

One must not mix the prefix NF used to describe a French standard (for example NF 9 93-353 on individual platforms) and the "quality label NF" which can easily be spotted thanks to its acronym. The "label NF" is a certification for the product's quality system delivered by an official organism: e.g.: for ladders, it is issued by the test laboratory LNE and for scaffoldings, by CEBTP.

Your "Sérénité" scaffoldings on wheels can be "securely assembled": what does this mean?

Sérénité scaffoldings are designed in such a way that the floor and rails can be assembled from the lower level. The operator realizes each assembly step without having to face any dangerous situation. It is therefore important to follow the detailed assembly instructions given in the notice that comes with the scaffolding.

Can I work on my ladder or my stepladder?

If you are a professional, article R233-13-22 in the decree dating from September 1st 2004 states the following: "Ladders, stepladders and step stools cannot be used as workstations. ». Apart from using them as access point, their use is tolerated if it is impossible to use a product with rail on the work site because of a technical impossibility or if the following 3 conditions are all met: low risk, short term work, non-repetitive work.

Which are the official organizations that can control the equipment on a professional worksite?

Factory inspectors and from the Inspection du travail et de la CNAMTS (Caisse Nationale d'Assurance Maladie des Travailleurs Salariés) can carry out unexpected controls on worksites and are allowed to punish.

Buying products

How are Centaure products commercialized?

Professional and private Centaure products are sold by a network of specialized distributors. Professional distribution: industrial supplies, paint, hardware store, material specialists, mail-order service... Mass distribution: DIY stores, general stores, e-business websites.

What are your general conditions and terms of sale?

Warranty/ After-sale service

What are the warranties covering your products?

According to the manufacturer's indications in the catalogue, products are subject to different warranty period. But in any case, a product is protected against any manufacturing defects and the warranty is limited to fixing or replacing any defective article. Excluded from the warranty are products that have been modified without prior agreement from the manufacturer, damages resulting from abusive use and damages occurring during transport or handling.

I am a user and I would like to change a piece of my scaffolding. How should I proceed?

Please check the product's composition in the catalogue. If the damaged piece is listed, then contact your distributor and order a replacement. Otherwise, contact Centaure's commercial service directly.

My product has been delivered but it is broken or damaged. What can I do?

Indicate any reservation on the carrier's receipt.