Distributing our products

In France

Centaure products are distributed by two types of networks to meet the demands of both the professional and private markets. We have a network dedicated to professionals and another for mass distribution.
The professional distribution network gathers several middlemen such as wholesalers, hardware stores, material, industrial supplies, paint, mail-order service, etc.
As far as the mass distribution network is concerned, it regroups DIY companies, gardening superstores but also general stores as well as general or specialized e-business websites.


Centaure realizes more than 20% of its turnover by exporting to more than 30 countries.
Its industrial and commercial presence in Central Europe with the factory in Székesfehérvar (Hungary) and in Eastern Europe with a production site in the vicinity of Moscow, Russia, represent a strong asset for the distribution of its products through professional or private networks spreading all over Europe.
Centaure develops strategic alliances everyday with various distributors in the Middle East, in West Africa as well as the Maghreb.